Here’s the deal: I love arm balances yoga poses, finding the playfulness in each pose, and learning how to use my upper body in a new way intrigues me to no end. Having my weight on my hands is a way of approaching my yoga practice and body with a sense of curiosity and fun! Isn’t the best way to gain upper body strength and flexibility? 

Lately, I’ve been working on my Mayurasana (Peacock Pose). It’s a beautiful (and challenging) pose that requires exceptional strength and balance. At first, it can really challenge your forearm and wrist capacity. Through practice, I slowly started gaining strength and flexibility. I was looking for something that would help release my poor arms. 


I discovered the RistRoller, a mini foam roller made especially for foam rolling wrists, palms, forearms, & feet. Not only it is good for Yogis, it is also a must have for any desk job employee. Being small, the RistRoller can be brought anywhere. Don’t get fooled by the size, the RistRoller will help relax the muscles with a simple back and forth motion and restore blood flow for healthy, stress-free hands and feet. Is there something better than a forearm massage after a long arm balancing yoga session? I carry my RistRoller everywhere; it is compact and fits perfectly in my handbag. It is nice and handy so I can foam roll anywhere. I purchased mine online at http://ristroller.com/

 It is important to relieve the tension and reduce stress on both muscle and joints to be able to continue with our yoga journey and deepen our practice. Keep working on your arm balance poses they develop core strength, keep the bones sturdy, and sharpen mental discipline. Plus they are so much Fun 😉








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